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Oreo Sushi recipe

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Oreo Sushi recipe

With just two ingredients, make delicious Oreo sushi! Widely shared on the TikTok social network, this food trend will delight your taste buds.

Even if we all have our different techniques for eating Oreo, we still agree on one point: this small round cake is a real delight! There are those who bite it in several batches, those who swallow it whole, those who let it soften by soaking it in milk or even those who separate it in two to lick the cream and finish with the cookie. No matter our method, we have a great time every time. By the way, we love Oreo cookies and even this famous American cookie ice cream recipe. But in recent days, a whole new trend has been blooming on the TikTok social network. This food trend consists of making Oreo sushi! We love the idea of tasting sweet makis, and what's more, when the recipe is surprisingly easy.

Oreo Sushis, the new food trend that is maddening TikTok Only two ingredients are needed to make this recipe: a packet of Oreo and a little milk! An original technique that brings together more than 20 million views on TikTok under the hashtag "#oreosushi". The preparation of these sweet treats will require a minimum of time but will fill you with pleasure! To make the recipe, follow the steps below:

  • 1 packet of Oreo
  • A bit of milk
  1. Separate the cream from the cookies and set aside in separate bowls.

  2. Put a little milk in the icing to soften it.

  3. Mix the cookies to make a powder. Add milk to form a paste. Spread it out on cling film and flatten it using a rolling pin.

  4. Spread the cream on the cookie dough then roll it all well. Tighten a little with the film and let stand a few minutes in the fridge so that everything hardens.

  5. Cut into slices then enjoy!


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